Saudi Qualex provides potential exhibitors with an opportunity to showcase their high-quality products and the state of the art technologies in production, testing and inspection.



Energy Sector


Saudi Qualex hosts exhibitors of companies and institutions working in the field of energy and its services, gas, oil and 

electricity. Focus is placed on those working in the field of power generation and transformation, transport, control, production and excavation of fossil fuel, providers of gas and oil services and equipment, providers of energy transport and storage 

services and distribution systems, including those working in research and development

Saudi Qualex invites exhibitors from sustainable clean energy producers (hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power, and sustainable biological and thermal energy) and producers of technological systems of green energy solutions, recycling and environmental conservation



Industrial Sector


Saudi Qualex invites exhibitors from the industrial sector institutions to present the quality of producing strategic industries (military, airplane and automotive industries, including medicine and pharmaceutical industries). This also includes chemical and petrochemical industries, plastic and rubber industries, metallic industries, base metals and worked metals.

Among the industries targeted by Saudi Qualex are the industrial machines and equipment industry and modern electrical and electronic devices industry. It also covers the quality of food processing, packaging and all transformational industries.


Testing Sector


This is one of the major sectors focused on by Saudi Qualex. Saudi Qualex targets exhibitors working mainly in testing

inspection, metrology, calibration, certification, standardization, including donors and those institutions with accreditation standardization certificates.

Saudi Qualex welcomes testing institutions to review techniques and potentials employed in testing: (electric and electronic, chemical and physical characteristics, solidity, heavy metals, levels of carbon in metals, tension and compression

non-destructiveness, visual testing, paint thickness, analysis of metal corrosion, resistance to intergranular corrosion

measurement of austenite, porosity, density, welding testing, water metallurgy, oxidized soil molecules, dry soil density

identification of maximum density, strength of tension, viscosity, radiation measurements, carbide, and metal forming

sheeting, fusion and melting).


Technological Sector


It is one of the most important sectors targeted by Saudi Qualex to attract corporations and institutions that develop the 

techniques of quality engineering and programs, industrial laser technologies, quality control applications and systems. Saudi Qualex also focuses on measurement, calibration, metrology, CNC, industrial designing programs and techniques.

Saudi Saudi Qualex provides as well  opportunity to review industrial technologies of ultrasound, plasma, Nano, robot,automatic control, industrial information systems and software, systems of industrial integration (CIM), industrial

security systems, monitoring, emergency, and wire and wireless communication systems.


Sector of Support Services & Supply


From among exhibitors, Saudi Qualex targets the institutions and companies offering funding of industrial projects, agencies that support medium, small and micro enterprises and consultative corporations and institutions that support industrial 

establishments and bodies specialized in training and development in the field of quality and ISO certification in production and processes.

Saudi Qualex also hosts service industry institutions. These include insurance and reinsurance companies, banks, financial

institutions, transport, logistic services and Big Data companies, employment, maintenance and security companies, and 

service providers of monitoring, compliance, risk management, performance development, information security and quality of data.